Routing / Custom Shaping

Routing / Custom Shaping

With the Colex Sharp Cut finishing system we can create 2D / 3D display products for your business in no time. The Colex is perfect for all types of various sign projects and can handle materials up to 5’x10’ and up to 1 1/2” thick.


• Displays and POPs: 3-dimensional product displays by contour cutting, trimming, routing, and creasing for both rigid and flexible media

• Packaging: Samples for corrugated, folding carton, foam, and other packaging needs are produced easily with automatic cutting and creasing

• Graphics: 2-dimensional signs, decals, banners, outdoor exhibits, and intricate lettering can all be cut, trimmed, or routed within minutes

• Textile and Fabric: Cut textiles, fabrics and other fibrous materials with the Colex Sharpcut’s motorized fabric cutter

We specialize in short-run contour cut shapes which are great for those family events or corporate events that needs a splash of fun.  Custom product displays can be designed, printed, and quickly cut out of numerous materials to meet project specifications.  Foam and PVC Materials can be printed on or mounted on, then routed, cut or engraved to meet any design, or shape needed. We can also route custom shaped logos out of aluminum or aluminum composite material for exterior use that will last for years. Printing is possible on almost any material, so if you dont see something on the list, please feel free to reach out to discuss.


  • Foamcore
  • Gatorboard
  • PVC / Styrene
  • Coroplast
  • Wood / MDO
  • Corrugated Boxes
  • Paper Coverstock
  • Vinyl / Canvas
  • Aluminum
  • Max Metal / Di-Bond
  • Acrylic / Plexi
  • and many more...