Additional Services

Commercial Document Finishing Services

A great document deserves a great presentation. Document finishing can make a very effective first impression.

Document Finishing Services

  • Inserting

    We can insert tabs, covers, color laser copies and large format prints.

  • Lamination

    We have a full range of hot and cold laminates including UV, dry erase and non-skid for floor graphics.

  • Mounting

    Accurate uses most common types of materials: foam board, gator board, PVC, Plexiglas, glass and wood-based boards.

  • Folding

    Our folding machine does seven different types of folds. We can also do custom hand folding jobs for a little extra.

Document Binding

  • GBC Plastic Comb Binding (19 Hole)

    Provides easy page browsing with a nice finished look.

  • GBC Color Coil Binding

    A very impressive binding accessory to make your presentation look like a masterpiece.

  • 3-Hole/2-Hole Acco Binding

    A cost-effective way to bind documents that might grow in size or need fast changes.

  • Unibind Steel Crystal Binding

    Standard black spine with clear acetate front and back covers. Perfect for a professional finished look.

  • 3 Ring Binders

    Black or white binders give that professional finish.

Additional Services

Bates Stamping

We can Bate stamp by hand or electronically after scanning; we can add custom prefixes, suffixes, or other means of identification for identification and tracking.

OCR Services

By converting documents via OCR Scanning services, we can turn your typed documentation into portable files that are searchable. This is useful for full-text retrieval of electronic discovery content or litigation documentation.