Full Wraps

Full Vehicle Wrap

With the single highest return on investment, the full vehicle wrap is undeniably the king of the road. Visibility is crucial to your marketing campaigns effectiveness, and what a better way to maximize visibility then by adding mobility. With the advantage of being mobile, you can position your vehicle ads anywhere around town, reaching commuters on the road and pedestrians from the sidewalks. Studies show that during a given week, your trucks and vans may encounter upwards to 20000 potential customers, and without vehicle branding you are passing on substantial advertising potential. Dont wait, turn the next traffic jam into your best salesman!

Eye-catching full-vehicle wraps offer many additional advantages:

  • Stand out from competitors
  • Transform your vehicles into mobile billboards
  • Add a valuable new element to your marketing portfolio
  • Promote your business day or night

With an Accurate full vehicle wrap, your fleet of vehicles will be transformed from ordinary to exemplary. Our in house professional design and installation team will work directly with you to create a substantial wrap for your companies box truck or other vehicle, and install it with professional precision and care.  We take pride in knowing that your ad looks great, and that its made to last, but most importantly that you will love it. If you are looking to take your brand advertising to the next level, please call or stop by the shop for more information.