Partial Wraps

Partial Vehicle Wrap

In addition to full wraps and lettering, we also offer partial wraps which integrate the color of your vehicle into the design and only cover just a portion of the cars surface. The color of the uncovered part of your car, truck or trailer becomes an extension of the partial vehicle wrap’s design. With a partial wrap, anywhere from three-quarters to one-quarter of the entire vehicle is wrapped.

When it comes to an Accurate partial wrap, your options for customization and materials are only limited by your imagination. Whether you choose something simple like rear window graphics, or something more encompassing that covers the entire side of your vehicle, you and our professional designers will come up with a design to meet your needs.

Whether you have a single van or box truck, or a whole fleet of vehicles, we have the materials and experience to meet your needs. Lastly, If the time comes to sell your vehicle, or if you are looking to re-brand, we can remove the material, restoring your vehicle to its original look.

If you want more information, or to talk about your partial wrapping needs, please call or stop by our shop.