Professional Installation

Vehicle Graphics Installation

At Accurate Repro Inc., professional design and Installation is key to a great vehicle lettering. We are experts in a full range of vehicle graphics Installation, weather it's vehicle wraps, full coverage car wrap, truck graphics or full fleet installation. Having our own staff of installation experts is another aspect of Accurate Repro Inc that sets us apart from the competition.

We start every installation with a thorough preparation process that removes excess wax and grime for maximum vinyl adhesion. Then our expert installers take the time to install your wrap and graphics correctly using skills that only come from years of experience! Our installation techniques avoid stretching the vinyl beyond its limit so it will not recoil and lift after the installation. After each installation we use post-heating techniques to remove any remaining tension in the vinyl where it was applied over recesses in the vehicle body.

All of our installations are done in a controlled environment at our large installation garage - or at our customer's site for fleet and large truck graphics installs. Most importantly, our vinyl graphics install team uses the right tools, techniques, and materials to ensure that your wrap lasts for years!

Most vehicle wrap companies employ third party installers who work on a contractual basis. By having all installers in-house, it allows for a much higher standard of quality control as well as a continuous opportunity to train and develop new installers.